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VIHA dv10+ Universal ICU Ventilator

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Quality Assurance

Tested as per latest EN/IEC Standards

  1. EN 60601-1:2006/A1:2013  Medical electrical equipment. General requirements for basic safety and essential performance
  2. EN 60601-1-2:2015  Medical electrical equipment - Part 1-2: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance - Collateral Standard: Electromagnetic disturbances - Requirements and tests
  3. EN 60601-1-8:2007/A11:2017  Medical electrical equipment -- Part 1-8: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance - Collateral Standard: General requirements, tests and guidance for alarm systems in medical electrical equipment and medical electrical systems
  4. ISO 80601-2-12:2020  Medical electrical equipment — Part 2-12: Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of critical care ventilators

VIHA dv10+ Universal ICU Ventilator Introduction Video


VIHA dv10+ is a powerful, versatile high end ventilator for all patient groups. It offers a number of advanced and unique features along with wide range  of modes, functions enables precise specialized treatment of critically ill patients.

VIHA dv10+ 's compact and powerful turbine offers  independence from compressed air to allow maximum mobility throughout the hospital.

  • Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal Ventilation
  • Invasive and Non Invasive Ventilation
  • Turbine driven Ventilation
  • Inspiration syncronized Ultrasonic / Vibrating mesh Nebulizer
  • High Flow Oxygen therapy, Apnea backup Ventilation
  • Advanced modes such as APRV, BIVENT, MMV and PRVC
  • Advanced Maneuvers such as P0.1, Recruitment, O2 Flush, Inspiratory and expiratory hold, Intrinsic PEEP, Sigh
  • Inbuilt ETCo2 with Mainstream connector (Optional), Inbuilt SpO2 module (Optional)
  • Tested as per EN 60601-1:2006 /A1:2013, EN 60601-1-2:2015, EN 60601-1-8:2007/A11:2017, ISO 80601-2-12:2020

Unique Features

  • Touch  Screen User Interface
  • Universal Ventilation Adult | Pediatric | Neonatal
  • Turbine driven Technology
  • Battery Backup up to 6 hours
  • High Flow Oxygen Therapy (HFNC)
  • Powerful Non Invasive Ventilation
  • Inspiration synchronized Ultrasonic / Vibrating mesh Nebulizer
  • Apnea Backup Ventilation
  • Active autoclavable Exhalation Valve
  • Dynamic Safety Valve
  • Proximal Flow Sensor Measurement
  • Flow and Pressure Trigger in all modes
  • ET CO2 Mainstream Capnography
  • Pulse Oximetry SpO2 and pulse

Modes of Ventilation

1. Invasive Modes: 

Volume Controlled: VC-CMV, VC-ACV, VC-SIMV

Pressure Controlled: PC-CMV, PC-ACV, PC-SIMV, PC-APRV, PC-MMV, PC-BIVENT, CPAP with Apnea back up ventilation

Pressure Regulated Volume controlled: PRVC-CMV, PRVC-ACV, PRVC-SIMV

2. Non-Invasive Modes: When NIV is enabled, All the modes work in Non Invasive ventilation as well with automatic leak compensation 

3. OTherapy: High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC mode)

4. Pressure Support (PS): available in PC - SIMV, PC - BIVENT, PC - APRV, PC - MMV and VC - SIMV


Ventilator Maneuvers

  • O2 Flush
  • P0.1
  • Lung Recruitment
  • Nebulizer
  • Intrinsic PEEP
  • Inspiratory Hold
  • Expiratory Hold
  • Sigh
  • Tube Compensation
  • Proportional Pressure support

Technical Specification

Inspiratory Pressure 0 to 90 cm H2O
Pressure Support 0 to 90 cm H2O
Maximum limited pressure 100 cm H2O (70 cm H2O at ambient pressure < 950 mbar)
PEEP 0 to 40 cm H2O
Respiratory rate (RR) 3 to 200 BPM
I:E Ratio 1:9.9 to 9.9:1
Tidal Volume 2 - 2000 ml
Pressure Trigger 0 to -10 cm H2O
Flow Trigger 0 to 20 LPM
Maximum Flow > 180 LPM
Volume Accuracy +/- 5%
O2 Concentration (FiO2) 21-100%
Leak Detection and Compensation > 50 LPM
O2 Therapy 0 to 65 LPM
Oxygen Input 3 to 6 bar, Medical Grade
Display colour touch screen TFT
Dimensions Patient Unit 300 x 300 x 330 mm
Weight 11.62 Kg; 25 Kg with trolley
Battery Lithium Phospourous, 25.6V 6Ah
Battery Backup time 360 mins
Mains Input Voltage 190-240VAC, 50 Hz
Power Consumption 150W
Standards and Approval

Tested as per: EN 60601-1:2006 /A1:2013, EN 60601-1-2:2015,
EN 60601-1-8:2007/A11:2017, ISO 80601-2-12:2020

Maneuvers O2 Flush, Sigh, P0.1, Lung Recruitment, Inspiration Hold, Expiration Hold, Nebulizer,  Tube Compensation, Intrinsic PEEP
Flow Sensor Sensatronic DP Flow Sensor - Adult, Pediatric & Neonatal
Oxygen Sensor Envitec, OOM202
Breathing Circuit Resistance ≤ 0.3mbar/Ls-1
Nebulizer Ultrasonic Nebulizer - Compatible with Aerogen Solo
Time - 0 to 30 mins, Inspiration Syncronized
Alarms up to 75 different colour-coded High, Medium and Low priority audio-visual alarms